What does LibreHR incorporate?

Multi-company management The multi-company management feature allows users/managers/admins to easily oversee and manage multiple companies within the software.
Absences, time tracking, shift management These features encompass absence management, time tracking, and shift scheduling functionalities. They facilitate efficient tracking of employee absences, monitor work hours accurately, and streamline the management of shifts within the software, enhancing workforce productivity and organizational efficiency.
Office seat reservation This feature allows users to efficiently reserve office seats, providing a streamlined process for managing workspace allocations within the software. Additionally, it enables users to upload their own map of each office, floor, or room, enhancing customization and adaptability to specific office layouts.
Task management, Work tool control, Expense and diet control, Document management, Team management This suite also includes task management, work tool control, expense and diet tracking, document management, and team management functionalities, streamlining various aspects of workflow organization and productivity enhancement.